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Light House Studio can be there through every stage of your project from concept to completion.  We can also provide assistance for specific stages in your project’s journey.  Whatever the project type, this is the studio’s core process and this is what you can expect when working with us.

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Contemporary rear extension, Hampshire
RIBA 1 - Brief

01 Brief

This stage comprises identifying the essential requirements of the project,

assisting with the brief and the project's key objectives. 

Key elements include:

  • Visiting the property and carrying out an initial appraisal. 
  • Establish the clients’ project budget / provide guidance on potential project costs. 
  • Assist the client in developing the project brief
  • Check the Local Authorities’ planning website to understand the site and surrounding area’s planning history.
  • Organise a measured survey of the site and existing buildings where required.
  • Advise on other consultants required for the project.
RIBA 2 - Concept Design

02 Concept Design

Develop concept designs and drawings relative to the project’s brief, requirements and key features.

Key elements include:

  • Development of the concept design based on the project brief
  • Prepare a feasibility study document incorporating the key elements and initial drawings.
  • Provide updated cost information where requested.
  • Undertake a follow-up meeting with the clients to discuss this.
RIBA 3 - Developed Design

03 Developed Design (Planning Design)

At this point, the design will be developed and updated based on client feedback.  Once the final design changes have been made the scheme will be submitted for planning.   

Key elements include:

  • Development of the design based on client feedback.
  • Submit the Developed Design and cost information where required for client approval.  
  • Prepare drawings for the planning application including a pre-application submission where required.  
  • Make a detailed planning application.
RIBA 4 - Technical Design

04 Technical Design

04a Technical Design

Once planning approval has been achieved, the technical design stage starts.  Here the drawings will developed in sufficient detail to allow suitable contractors to undertake quotations for the proposed works.  If required, an application for Building Regulations can also be submitted.  Assistance with the appointment of other consultants can be provided such as Structural Engineers and Approved Inspectors.  At this stage, co-ordination of the architectural drawings with other consultants’ drawings ensures a fully co-ordinated design.  

Key elements include:

  • Co-ordinate / integrate designs from other consultants and specialists.
  • Develop the Technical Design in sufficient detail to allow tenders to be obtained.  
  • Make an application for Building Regulations approval
  • Prepare a specification or schedule of works

04b Pre-construction stage

At pre-construction stage, once the technical drawings have been submitted to the contractors & Buildings Regulations for approval, I can provide assistance prior to the project starting on site such as undertaking analysis of tender quotes, help with choosing a builder and assisting with the Building Contract and associated documents.  

Key elements include:

  • Advise on an appropriate form of Building Contract, its conditions and the responsibilities of the client, the design team and the contractor.
  • Prepare documents required for tendering purposes.
  • Advise on potential contractors to be invited to tender for the proposed works.   
  • Undertake appraisal, analysis and report on tender quotations received for competitive tendering.
  • Assist in potential negotiations with potential contractors 
  • Prepare the Building Contract and arrange for it be signed by all parties
  • Provide the contractor with information required for construction
  • Assist with obtaining the project programme to plan the length of the build.
  • Review design work produced by the contractor’s specialist subcontractors.
RIBA 5 - Construction

05 Construction

Now the project is on site, the construction phase occurs.  This is a crucial stage in any building project and it is always an exciting moment when the project starts to take shape and become reality on site, especially after months of planning.  Although this can be a stressful experience, I can ensure the building contract is in place, undertake regular site inspections to ensure the work is done property and assist with any queries and issues that do arise. 

Key elements include:

  • Undertake regular visits to inspect the works, answer any queries and to see that the work is proceeding generally in accordance with the Building Contract.
  • Certify payments for work carried out or completed.  
  • Advise on final costs provided by the contractor.
  • Review the project programme for the build to assist with minimising potential delays on site.
  • Supply any additional information required during construction.
  • Give general advice on maintenance.  
RIBA 6 - Completion

06 Completion & Handover

This is the final and exciting stage, where the project is now complete and you can enjoy the transformed and new space created.  This is where the conclusion of the Building Contract occurs and the handover of the building back to the clients takes places.  After construction is complete, I will stay in touch for 6 – 12 months to check for any defects or snagging issues and ensure you are happy with every aspect.  

Key elements include:

  • Make final inspections and advise on resolution of defects during the defects liability period.
  • Liaise with the contractor to correct any defects that have occurred post-construction. 
  • Agree final account and issue a final certificate.

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